The Soloist

Are You a Solo?

Answer yes if you are:


  • Age 50 or older
  • Currently single (widowed, divorced, separated, never married, or don’t have a life partner)
  • Don’t have adult children who could provide help as you age, when needed.


The Soloist is a Newsletter that Addresses Your Needs


As Solos grow older, they need a plan for realizing their hopes, meeting their needs, and dealing with the challenges that often come with aging.


That’s true for anyone, but it’s especially important when you’re a Solo. If you don’t have a plan, other people will have to make decisions for you, without any clue as to your preferences or wishes.


Welcome to The Soloist, a newsletter from Davis Financial Group, where we share information, expertise, interviews, and stories to help Solos live well, take good care of themselves, and make wise choices for their future.



By Mary Young After my grandmother died, her choicest possessions quickly found new homes. Everything else wound up in my uncle’s basement in New Hampshire, waiting until someone decided what should go to the dump. Nana had been the youngest child in a family that liked to save things, so...

By Mary Young, D.B.A. I was in my mid-30s when I broke my leg in a hiking accident. For more than a month, I hobbled around in a cast and crutches, determined to continue living much as I had before: running errands, meeting friends for coffee, returning to my job...

Dear Clients and Friends, As we enter the height of summer, the virus is continuing to wreak havoc with our economy, our sense or order and security, and for some our faith in the future. Covid-19 is certainly illuminating the fragility of life. Even those of us who procrastinate the most have...