Financial Planning and Market Update 02/17/21


Financial Planning and Market Update 02/17/21

It just keeps getting more and more interesting, right? I’m finding it hard to find a reason to watch any thing but news these days – no TV series can compete with what’s going on! Between COVID variants, great progress on the vaccination front, the high drama of Impeachment, Biden executive orders and big legislation drama, who needs Netflix?

This month, Daken Vandenberg makes important adjustments to his statistical frames of reference in terms of the pandemic and its relationship to our financial markets and economic stability –it’s not to be missed!

bitcoin-1000x1000He also begins a timely three-part series on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It‘s a great primer, and also very timely — we are getting more and more questions about these things and their place in a portfolio or investment strategy. Read on and amaze your friends

This month our financial planning newsletter features information on tax and retirement planning changes in the IRS code for 2021, and a piece on the ways in which “Value” is now gaining on “Growth” in the equity markets. This potential shift is something our portfolio managers are watching, as it could influence allocation decisions over the next cycle. Markets change, and within long term strategic parameters that are well established there is flexibility that allows us to keep up with the changing patterns and trends and economic conditions on the ground.

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Stay well, stay safe, and think spring – only weeks away!
Allen Davis for the Team at the Davis Financial Group

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